About us

Alexander Keur

Jesus Today was born from a desire to connect people with inspiring stories in a simple way. Extraordinary stories from ordinary people, with one common denominator: Jesus. Who is this person to whom we owe our calendar? Why, after more than 2000 years, are we still talking about him? And what is his impact today?

In 2010, after a year of crisis, I (Alexander Keur) found myself in a church on Christmas Eve, a place I normally never visited. There, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was being celebrated. I had little knowledge of the Bible, the church, and Christian tradition, and I had many reservations and even prejudices about them. Something was triggered that night. You can hear more about it in my own story.

I had no idea where to turn with this new interest in my life. The internet is full of information, with so many different churches and organizations. Who could help me further, and where could I hear firsthand experiences? Just from people like me, sharing what they have personally experienced with Jesus.

It turned out there were many people with personal stories about Jesus who were eager to share. So, together with a team of enthusiastic individuals, we started this online platform.

We hope these stories will surprise and inspire you, just as they have us!

Alexander Keur